Commercial Video

MK Production brings nothing short of the best and top-tier tv commercial production services at your disposal. In the hands of our professional and experienced production team, all our clients are bound to achieve their desired success.

our work

Our work

Stages of work

Planning Meeting to Start the Process
Creative Brief and Script Writing
Story Boarding to Tie the Elements Together
Designing the Visual Aspects
Review and Editing
Production and User Testing

The pre-production stage of filming any video, be it a musical, corporate, commercial, or movie, includes setting expectations and planning thoroughly. In this phase, MK Productions provide the editing videos that include:

1. Budget or scope of the video
2. Goals or strategy of the video
3. Timeline of the project
4. Selection of the story
5. Accumulating talent or characters
6. Creating a script
7. Scouting a location
8. Gathering and gearing up filming equipment or production team

Following the approval of a video concept, it's time to plunge into the creative video production process, which is handled by the best video operators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If the shooting takes place in an office or at a sales point, the time spent on set is reduced.

From aligning the actors and crew to arranging every equipment on the set, we prepare everything independently. Once we start shooting, we make sure that every shot is taken according to the client’s requirements.

Post Production

We are dedicated to producing high-quality films while taking a novel approach and concept to record events such as commercials, business events, and other special video types. After the shoot, the final product will be meticulously edited and fixed to get its ultimate appearance. Effects, graphics, audio, sounds, musical underscoring, and other supporting aspects are all part of the process. We use Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects, as well as other cutting-edge videography applications.

Our clients

our clients
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