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our cases

Our cases

Video for pringles

Are you, too, looking for some visual magic to be added to your digital platforms for business growth and inviting traffic boost through marketing funnels? Then MK Productions can help you out.

video for kimeray

We have worked with clients worldwide and created high-quality and result-driven videos for their corporate marketing goals. Our client base has not been limited to medium or small business sizes? But we have a solution for all because of a vast experience from working with all business sizes - both in terms of budget and size.

video for Spotify BD

Our goal is to understand your business marketing funnel needs and design a video that will bring those ideas and envisions into reality. We stop at nothing less than the most top-tier and high-quality video production for our corporate clients.

Our team

our team
Murat Kutpanov
Founder of video production
Eduard Zainullin
DOP filmmaker
Vladimir Hlebnikov
screenwriter, director
Evgeniy Kushnirenko
motion designer

“Excellence in Every Take”

The goal of the MK Production is to below the air of excellence in every take. We aim to bring the best of audiovisual works by shooting with more creativity and processing them with more delicacy.We also aim to approach every project with fresh minds and deliver top-tier video solutions that elevate our clients above their competition. We are not the ones who stay at the shore; instead, we dive deep and discover the newest pearls of videography

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